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With this site, I'd like to connect as many Ridens together as possible, merging our family tree info and building a definitive record of our family history.

I got some family tree info from Ancestry.com in .ged format. I downloaded everything as far back as they had for each of my grandparents. They don't include any information about people that are still living.. so I've added some of what I know (including info about my wife's family, the Underhills and Donegans) and used GEDitCOM software to export this web interface.

I still have info I haven't added to this yet, and will do more as I have time. If you have any info that is not here, please email it to me at chad@riden.org.

- Chad Riden

GEDCOM File: riden_large.ged
Created by GEDitCOM.
Exported using 'Pedigree Website' style.
Date: 13 Dec 2003